About Us

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Photo by Asia Hamilton of Nozomilive.com

A few years ago, I was asked to provide my artistic interpretation of THE D, as Detroit is affectionately known. That piece was the impetus for The D. The Jewelry.™ which pays homage to the City of Detroit; celebrating the rugged yet refined, industrial and innovative, hard-working and creative spirit of Detroit. Our mission is to enable others to display their passion and pride for the City of Detroit, with classic, high quality pieces.

"Born and raised in Detroit, I have a deep appreciation and passion for the City, and I plan for these pieces to be a recognized brand, a staple, for a long time. Detroit is not going anywhere. We need continued love, encouragement, and innovation. My mission is to enable others to display their passion and pride, which they already do with t-shirts, hats, etc. Though I offer a different aesthetic. You can wear my pieces with a dress and stilettos, a suit and tie, a tux, anything really. . ." ~Y. Nichelle

Our ultimate mission is to commence philanthropic endeavors aimed at Detroit's creative youth. We plan to focus on mentoring, cultural and artistic exposure, and scholarship creation.

The D. The Jewelry.™ is handcrafted, with love, from The D! Help spread the #DETROITLove!